Hello, my name is Dolores Van der Tak and I’m in charge of Clear Magazine, a blog specialized in everything about technology and its trends. Although this subject can be extensive, we take this and make emphasis in the important topics and the latest gadgets.

But not only everything about technology in general is put here, in Clear Magazine we put a lot of attention and following in the mobile industry. We cover different topics; from the latest smartphones in the market and their development, to trending apps and what’s next to come in the near future.

Clear magazine was created by a reason, and that reason is to keep all the readers updated about different advances within the digital world. The path to the future is traced by the technology that follows and is important to know how does this technology works, and when is going to be launched to the market.

That’s why I keep the task of writing the best articles with plenty of information in the different topics that we tend to explore around here; all of these, of course, without missing any details about it.

Smartphones are extensively covered here in Clear Magazine, as we take them very seriously. We always have the updates and the all-you-need-to-know about certain apps and smartphones, as it is a topic which we like to bring up constantly in this blog. If you’re passionate about this area, keep reading.