These are the Best 4 Smartphones after the First Half of 2018

The world of smart phones is undoubtedly commanded by Samsung and Apple, the best sellers in the world. This is thanks to the innovative models that come out every year and seem to be better, but other brands are also worthy of consideration.

After trying too many devices this year, we present you the best smartphones after the first half of 2018 that you should consider buying:

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iPhone X

It’s the best phone that exists currently in the market, hands down. This phone is of the best sold models worldwide and the most expensive one as well, with a price of $ 1000. It has wonderful features such as IOS 11 software, a 64GB storage capacity, a 12MP rear camera and a 7MP front camera, a really great battery life, and even comes with fast charging and wireless charging.


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Samsung Galaxy 9

It’s another of the best phones that exist today, after iPhone X. It has an android 8.0 software, an 8MP front camera and a 12MP rear camera. It also has a fingerprint reader, 64GB of storage capacity, and has a fast and wireless charging. A totally elegant cell phone that comes in different colors such as pink, gold, and more.

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It’s an Android phone with an 8.1 software, 68GB of internal memory capacity, an 8MP of front camera, and a 12MP rear camera, with a very bright screen and great audio function. It’s one of the most affordable high-end phones.


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One Plus 6

It’s one of the best androids phone right now, with great features such as Android 8.1 software, a 8GB RAM, a 20MP rear camera and a 16MP front camera. It is one of the best phones at a very affordable price, between $ 600 and $ 700.

The cell phone market, as well as communications, will increasingly expand due to the high demand from society. The use and the great importance given to smart phones today has made the industry to evolve at a fast pace.

While these on the list may be the most expensive phones in the market, they are the most used ones as well. That shows you the need consumers have to possess the best of the best when it comes to these devices.