Contribute to Clear Magazine


When I started Clear Magazine, I knew that if I bring decent quality and well-written articles it would begin to take off. It actually did! And in that process, it became more popular. Now, I can proudly say that Clear Magazine is by far the favorite blogs for many habitual readers.

I rejoice in how my project caused a positive impact in my audience’s lives, as it keeps me going, but maintaining a blog filled with articles worth reading, besides finding proper sources of information, is a task which sometimes takes more effort that I can offer, not to mention the time that I take to communicate with my readers on social media or e-mail. This drains my time and my energy.

So that’s why I’m always looking up for readers that have time and energy to spare, not to mention the ability to write great and engaging content while also having the proper knowledge about the basics of the mobile industry and the many topics about technology I tend to cover.

You can start promoting your work as a content writer here in Clean Magazine and I’ll make sure that is worth your time. I’ve always appreciate when someone is interested enough to work here and make the site a much better blog that it is today.