4 New Technology Trends We Expect to Be Implemented in 2018

The world of technology is increasingly expanding. With the creations and innovations of new technologies that will leave us more and more surprised, you will start to question yourself if the future is already here.

They’re inventions that, without a doubt, we never imagined that they would exist, and now in this 2018, we already have the possibility of using them. Here are some new technology trends we expect to be implemented in 2018:

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are wireless speakers, meaning they don’t need to be connected to any device, which is made up of artificial intelligence. A few of the creators of these new devices are Amazon and Google Home. These devices are a real boom among young people who likes to be trendy, and adding the fact that even some of the devices respond to names due to the voice software that comes installed with.

Fingerprint Reader

Currently there are many phones, which, just by placing your fingerprint, are already unlocked by itself. An invention such, like a face reader app, is surprising. Apple and Samsung are some of the brands that already use it in their smart phones.

Battery with longer duration

This is something that we most definitely want and it is an invention that many smart phone brands are implementing in the new designs that are launched. Even if we compare androids phones that came out 5 years ago and those of today, the battery capacity that the phones have nowadays has grown a lot.

China is coming

Chinese phone brands are currently working hard to enter among the best phones in the world. Huawei has already achieved it. But, the good news is that a new market opens up for them, since in this 2018, all the new phones of the Chinese brands entered to the US market.

Phones have now become a necessity, not only for young people, but for many adults as well. It’s a true reality, that’s why the big demand that currently exists with smart phones and the great variety that there are of androids and apple market.