4 Under 100$ Smartphones Which Could Surprise Any Seasoned User

The creation of new technologies has brought to the spotlight, some inventions that have really become of fundamental usage nowadays. A clear example is the creation of telephones. We can really get the model, color, design, size, weight or pixels that we want. But, in case you want to get phones that are of excellent quality but the most reasonably priced, here we present them:

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Alcatel 1X

It’s an android phone that has an 8MP camera, a 16GB internal storage memory, and a 5MP front camera. With a design that comes in different colors such as pink, black and blue, this phone is priced at $ 99, and even comes with a fingerprint reader. A good phone with a very affordable price.

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It’s a mid-range android phone that, especially this phone has good features such as 16GB storage internal space, a 13MP camera and a 5MP front camera, LED flash and even brings a fingerprint reader.


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Nokia 2

The Nokia phones are among the best in the market, and recently the Nokia 2 model came out with a price of $ 99, one of the most affordable in the market. And for its price, it’s totally worth it. It has an 8GB storage memory, an 8MP camera, and a totally modern design.


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Moto E4

Motorola phones are the best android phones that exist in the market, with good resistance and high quality. This model has wonderful features such as an 8MP camera, 16GB of storage and 2GB of memory and is the most economical and best quality you can get in the market these days, at almost $ 60.

Reasonably priced phones that are excellent are making a stand in the market. But we all know that the industry, and the popularity of other brands in specific, is possibly overshadowing these phones that have good quality at such an affordable price.